The party’s over at the town hall

The only thing most people know about the municipality in which they live is that it is always broke. And that mismanagement is to blame for indecipherable annual budget reports. The constant excuse cited by municipal authorities for their lack of cash is that the state is not giving them the money due to them, as though citizens have some sort of obligation to bankroll the saints’ day feasts and parties thrown by the chiefs of local administration, the countless radio stations that no one tunes into and the multiple scandals that are revealed every year in the annual report by the authority for auditing public administration services. The party is now over for local authorities across the country. Mayors will need to show some respect for taxpayers’ money by handling their districts’ accounts with transparency and effectiveness, as well as cutting back on spending. The crisis, which the squandering ways of many mayors is in part to blame for, does not allow for any other kind of management than the right kind.