When we work together

The significant increase in international arrivals to the islands of Rhodes and Kos, in the southeastern Aegean, provides a glimmer of optimism for a sector that is without doubt the driving force of the Greek economy. The increase in visitor numbers, however, is not just the result of chance nor can it simply be attributed to the fact that August is the peak tourist season. On the one hand, local businesses on both of these islands had responded to the ominous signs of the economic crisis by lowering their prices and offering special cut-price deals. In addition, the tourism organizations on these two islands launched low-cost but clever advertising campaigns to promote local attractions. The example of Rhodes and Kos indicates that there is much to be gained from cooperation between local authorities and businesses when they work together according to a plan for the benefit of all. Despite the crisis, there are still many things we can do to help lift the country out of the doldrums – as long as we all join forces and make use of them.