Keeping an eye on the ball

The government has entered a phase of nonchalance that is unacceptable just when it is being called upon to act decisively on issues that are most critical to the country’s survival. Instead of working on measures to cut down on expenditures and waste in the public sector, many ministers are instead focusing their energies on rumors of a Cabinet reshuffle and on their own political futures. As far as Prime Minister George Papandreou is concerned, this should be a time for him to be making decisions about how to reorganize his office and the structure of government rather than expending his efforts in endless talks and the review of studies. Greece needs a government that is able to make tough decisions and impose them, while at the same time providing active support to the business community and the markets in order to drive growth. Instead, we are looking at a government that seems to be stuck in holiday mode and ministers who, for the past couple of months, have had no idea where they stand or what the future holds.