Only themselves to blame

When Nikos Xydakis wrote the commentary «Middle class in the line of fire» (August 28), he continued your latest trend of just criticizing, which I think is not very satisfactory. The only criticism that is worth publication and being read is constructive criticism i.e. coming up with alternatives. Saying that the people who saved Greece from imminent bankruptcy see only the numbers and not the people is not sufficient. He obviously overlooks that the numbers are the result of Greeks’ behavior: not paying taxes, accepting corruption, cheating themselves into the euro and so on. The numbers only improve if the people, and mainly the middle class, not only the big shots, change mentality. This starts in the middle-class home, where the son should no longer be taught how to pull the other one over the table. Instead, the youth should be educated according to international standards which finally results in a society that you could call meritocracy, and not «rousfetiocracy» and «bribocracy.» In the latest events, the Greek word «fakelaki» has become internationally famous, and this is the core of the problem. Unless you Greeks change your image for the better through a new mentality, there is no hope that anybody will invest in the country. Saving the euro means saving Greece. So, stop complaining, and start changing; this is the only way to convince the other Europeans to support you further. And this is measured in the first place by figures which are produced by your people. Stop pushing your responsibility onto others.