PASOK’s old guard still strong

Government policy appears to be influenced by members of the Socialists’ old guard. There is no other way to explain PASOK’s insistence on prosecuting former government ministers over the case of the Vatopedi land swap. Regardless whether this was a scandal or not, most legal experts agree that so far investigations have not come up with much that can be tabled as evidence of a crime. Moreover, any offenses have expired under the statute of limitations. Regrettably it seems that even in the current administration, the so-called old PASOK has a say in the appointment of party members to hospital administrations or other public corporations. Similarly, the old guard is back in the game as the Socialist party seeks to galvanize its fighting forces ahead of the local elections – as usual with the traditional mix of polarizing rhetoric and scandalmongering sound bites. It’s a real pity because the country is faced with huge challenges that necessitate a climate of consensus. At the same time, politicians of this stamp should only serve as a reminder of bygone political norms.

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