Annoyed at unfair bank transfer fees

Recently we had euros sent from England via The Interchange Organization, something we have done at least 30 times before without any problems. When we checked our bank statement to see if the money was in our account, it wasn’t there and we found it had immediately been returned to Interchange with no explanation why. We contacted the Agricultural Bank [ATEbank] for an explanation and they could not see anything wrong with the paperwork so suggested that we send the money again, and again it was returned to the Interchange bank. We asked again why it was returned, and again no explanation could be given. Each time the money was returned, the Agricultural Bank took 35 euros, then 25 euros as administration fees. We sent the money to another bank in Crete without any problem, so why do we have to pay 60 euros for the Agricultural Bank to play around with our money? Is this normal banking practice? Can anyone out there enlighten us as to why no plausible explanation can be given for this happening, or is the Greek government hoping to seriously annoy the foreign people living here so that they take their money and return to their own country. Don’t they realize how much of a contribution we have made and continue to make to the local economy? Maybe they are desperate for every 60 euros they can lay their hands on? Why can’t the 60 euros be returned to our account? It was not our mistake.


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