The law is the law, whether we like it or not

It was good to see, as is all too rare, a view with integrity from the editor. Since coming to live in Greece (a decision made because it is part of the European Union and subject to civilized and informed laws, which should offer some protection), we have put all our retirement savings into a property here while we have taken nothing whatever out of the country by way of salary etc, being pensioners of another EU country, and continue to spend our pensions in Greece both on utilities and consumables. We have been devastated by the (not widely known nor advertised) anarchic point of view of many Greeks. We have just watched a news program about Russia and the carnage on the roads due to people being able to buy a driving license without having one lesson. Greece too has this problem but no statistics appear to be available on road deaths, dangerous driving etc. Daily we see drivers overtaking six cars at a time, sometimes on a blind bend and, when something comes the other way, they just force their way back into the line of cars. There are many other dangerous practices going on. It is boasted about and laughed at on the Internet, see («Crazy Greek Drivers»). The defiance of yet another law of the land now sadly comes as no surprise. We do not eat out anymore because of the unhealthy atmosphere in many restaurants and, if affected by passive smoking, the already inadequate state of the health service is not a symbol of hope unless you have funds to «jump the queue,» which is neither lawful nor affordable. Other EU countries have moaned and fought and finally accepted the smoking bans without all the predictions of the prophets of doom becoming a reality. Many people who moan and groan about sitting for a couple of hours in a restaurant without a cigarette happily sit on an airplane for sometimes five hours or more without a murmur. Having invested our all in our home, we cannot now change our minds, because of the recession. We came to find paradise, and did, as far as the beauty of Greece is concerned, but if more information had been available in order to be sure before we jumped, I wonder if we would have still felt it was feasible. Letting people get away with breaking the law makes for extreme discomfort and a lack of confidence, and often apathy, in the quieter law-abiding people who feel that they are outnumbered and that there is no one out there prepared to stand up for them. It also discourages investment from more enlightened countries. A law is a law and is there to be obeyed whether it is liked or not, however the bullies try to make everyone defy it. It was refreshing to read your editorial. BB

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