The truth before we hit the polls

Prime Minister George Papandreou has made it abundantly clear that he views next Sunday’s elections not just as polls for local authorities but as a barometer of political sentiment in the country as a whole. However, if Papandreou expects the people to make decisions about who they believe will best serve them based on the right information and criteria, it would be wise for the government to come completely clean about the true state of the country’s financial affairs, to tell the people what specifically has come from the measures taken to increase state revenues and cut spending, in hard numbers, and to outline what new measures will have to be adopted come 2011. The people are already well aware of the harsh reality. What they need to know now is the complete truth as well. After all, they have every right to be skeptical as they head to the polls on Sunday, because in the national elections last October, Papandreou failed to tell them the full truth about what state the country was in.