Not the time to be flippant

It is obvious to everyone that the country is under threat due to numerous factors. It is not only the danger of bankruptcy, a decrepit state apparatus and a shortage of capable politicians that are throwing Greece into a state of imbalance and disarray, but also the threat of terrorism, which has become all too apparent in recent days with the actions of a new generation of bombers. Because of this combination of threats, the situation is tense, to say the least, and extremely difficult to assess and handle. Unfortunately, this is not something everyone seems to understand and it is shocking to see how flippantly certain government officials address issues such as debt restructuring and Greece’s repayment of its loans. These are sensitive matters that should be handled with care and caution so that they don’t cause more harm than good to the country’s economy and credibility. As obvious as this may seem to even the most simple-minded, we still see officials who insist on spewing complete rubbish on extremely important matters.