Insecurity breeds instability

Prime Minister George Papandreou’s decision to bring up the issue of general elections at a time such as this has caused significant damage to the government’s reputation and to the morale of the people. Neither the people nor the government have any time to lose and everyone’s attention should be firmly focused, day and night, on cutting state expenditures and bringing about the changes necessary to the state mechanism so that it can run more efficiently. Instead, attention has been diverted to the local elections on Sunday and to the prospect that their outcome may signal a return to the polls for a new government. As a result, the state mechanism, which resisted the changes anyway but was beginning to grind into some sort of action, has once more come to a halt. What the entire government and the state apparatus should be dealing with is the country’s finances, to the exclusion of anything else. Instead, party politics and personal insecurities are creating instability where there needs to be calm.