Leaders must finally join forces

One hopes that the end of next Sunday’s runoff vote will see Greece’s political leaders rise above partisan politics. These people must finally realize that the existing political system as well as the country at large are in jeopardy. Prime Minister George Papandreou must understand that there is no room to experiment with inexperienced figures and policies that go against the logic of the market. Furthermore, Papandreou must finally acknowledge the fact that the unpopular remedies needed to fix the country cannot be applied without the backing of the other parties, particularly main opposition New Democracy. The premier must pick the most experienced individuals from within and outside PASOK. At the same time, he must reach an agreement with conservative leader Antonis Samaras that they share the burden of the necessary reforms. Neither of the two won a victory in this past Sunday’s local elections as voters see that what must be done surpasses either of the two. It is sad to think that next Monday will see the summoning of yet another (highly polarizing) parliamentary committee rather than a meeting between the two party leaders.