Premier gets his hats mixed up

It’s not easy being a political leader who must wear two hats: in the case of George Papandreou, being the president of Socialist International and at the same time the prime minister of Greece, a country living on borrowed money and teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. Sometimes the prime minister of Greece, head of the socialist PASOK party, appears to forget that what matters most at this crucial moment is a good dose of pragmatism and maintaining good relations with the key states of the European Union, and not Papandreou’s ideological affiliations. It’s one thing when members of Greece’s Socialist party make critical comments about the German government, but it’s quite another when Papandreou himself decides to take on Berlin. Greece is in need of strong allies to bring its national efforts to a successful conclusion and it is important that we all put our personal preferences and sensitivities aside. When you are at war, you do not make enemies for reasons of ideology and you do only that which truly serves national interests.