A thank you for a memorable marathon

On October 31, I participated in the special anniversary edition of the Athens Classic Marathon [marking the 2,500th anniversary of the Battle of Marathon], a 42-kilometer road race starting in Marathon and following the original route of Pheidippides, finishing at the Panathenaic Stadium (the Kallimarmaro) in Athens. I would like to compliment the race directors, organizers, sponsors and all the volunteers who made this a spectacular event. Despite the current economic crisis, every aspect of this race was beautifully organized and the Greeks delivered a marathon experience that rivaled many international marathons. I shall never forget the tranquillity of the morning in Marathon, the entire route lined with cheering Greek people and the emotional finish at such a beautiful landmark. «Bravo» Greece and a special thank you to every person who made this event so memorable. BLONDIE VUCICH Paros, Greece / Colorado, USA