PASOK, ND heads must shape up

The behavior of Prime Minister George Papandreou and opposition leader Antonis Samaras following local elections last week was disappointing. The premier failed to reach any kind of consensus within Parliament or even within his party and this is shocking considering that he is about to embark on an extremely difficult road in his goal to slash public spending. Certain members of his Cabinet, such as Labor Minister Louka Katseli, meanwhile, are following their own agendas, blatantly ignoring Papandreou and the country’s obligations. Samaras, for his part, will not let go of his anti-memorandum rhetoric and is allowing New Democracy to be represented by the worst proponents of populism. If Papandreou does not impose his will on his minister and if Samaras does not stop taking the easy route of opposition, they will lead the country to a dead end.