Dedicated manager needed

Over the next three months, Greece’s Socialist government will be faced with a colossal challenge. Undertaking this with success will require far better coordination and strict supervision of Cabinet ministers and the state apparatus in general. Prime Minister George Papandreou does not seem very enthusiastic about the much-needed task of coordinating his administration. Meanwhile, he still spends quite a lot of his time traveling abroad. As a consequence, we here at home need more clarity about who is responsible for coordinating the rest of the government. This individual has to be a hardworking person, an individual who is respected by his peers and who can impose his authority on those who underperform or refuse to do what has to be done. This undertaking cannot be divided between three or four different cadres. Similarly, Papandreou must make clear who is in charge when he is not present. Lingering confusion in the system of governance must come to an end as it risks driving the country further away from its objectives.