Rein in wayward drivers

The problem of illegal parking in the streets of Athens has grown totally out of control. Illegal parking is causing congestion on major thoroughfares as people continue to shun traffic regulations and insist on parking their vehicles on the side of busy city streets, be it for a few minutes or even longer periods. At the same time, motorcyclists also seem to think that they are exempt from the rules of the highway code, as they ride along the sidewalks to avoid traffic – a frustrating habit that is putting the safety of pedestrians at risk. It’s high time this mess was sorted out. We can only hope that Giorgos Kaminis, who recently replaced Nikitas Kaklamanis as mayor of Athens, will announce new, stricter measures to clamp down on illegal parking in the capital and remedy a situation which is reminiscent of a Third World city. Needless to say, very little will improve with any new measures that are adopted unless the authorities are willing to make sure that these will be properly enforced.