Scrutiny of records will pay off

Specially appointed officers at the Ministry of Finance are investigating a number of cases in which a sizable gap has been discerned between well-known political figures’ declarations of source of wealth and their real assets as calculated by their standard of living. This is an important step toward cleansing the state apparatus and we can only hope that the investigations will be carried out seriously and not merely in order to create an impression. Examples from all around the world have proved time and again that exhaustive audits are the only way for the law to get its hands on people who have amassed wealth illegally. And, of course, nothing would placate Greek citizens who are demanding that the state be equitable more than the exemplary punishment of even a few of those who got rich on money belonging to the Greek state. To see how effective such a campaign can be, we need look no further than other countries with a long tradition in democracy, like the United Kingdom.