September 1-2, 1952

F. ECONOMIDIS: (From a music review by Minos Dounias) «The secret laws governing communication between conductor and orchestra provided us this week with one of the most wonderful surprises of the year. It created the conditions for a collaboration that resulted in a mature production by the National Symphony Orchestra. (…) The conductor, F. Economidis, chose an exceptionally worthy program, which, although contemporary, was one that the orchestra was familiar with, allowing him to devote himself completely to the purely musical aspect. If the execution of the overture from Gluck’s ‘Alcestes’ did not completely reveal the tender majesty of the work, it was because of an attempt to overemphasize the expressive elements that hindered the natural flow of rhythm and melody. Otherwise the interpretation was based on firm foundations, healthy musicality and complete knowledge of the tone. Economidis, being a strong personality, is in a position to impose his views. His presence alone, I believe, is enough to ensure his success with musicians and public alike, without strenuous efforts.» AGAINST C.T. DIMARAS: (From an article by C.I. Dedopoulos) «(…) Mr C. Dimaras’s ‘History of Modern Greek Literature’ is lacking the author’s usual passion. What has taken its place is superficiality, lack of judgement and the writer’s arbitrary views (…).»

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