September 7, 1952

ISLET NO. 3: Thessaloniki, 6 – According to reports from Alexandroupolis, after shepherds from the region of Dikaia observed movements of Bulgarian soldiers on Islet No. 3 on the Evros River, obviously there to build fortifications, the island was subjected to bombardment from the Greek side for three days, without drawing any response from the Bulgarians. It appears that the Bulgarians withdraw from the islet during the day and return at night. When, after the three-day bombardment was over, the shepherds took their flocks back to the riverside pastures, voices coming from the islet ordered them (in Bulgarian) to move away or be fired upon. They did so and warned the authorities, who ordered another round of bombing. The authorities have made no statement on the issue. ON THE PLOUMBIDIS CASE: General security officials said yesterday that the Ploumidis (sic) case is closed, as there is definite information that due to an illness, the person in question is abroad and in fact is out of favor with the leadership of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE). Yesterday afternoon, however, there were further reports of appearances by Ploumidis. MOUZENIDIS SCHOOL: On September 20, lessons begin at the Music Theater school under the direction of Mr T. Mouzenidis at his school at 38 Amalias Street.

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