September 8-9, 1952

POULTRY FARMS: Certain central parts of Athens have been turned into poultry farms and the roosters are keeping local residents awake during the night. C. TACHTSIS: (From «An Athenian’s Notes») «One of my readers, Mr Costas Tachtsis, has had the opportunity to visit the wonderful camp held this summer on the island of Corfu by the Club Mediterranee, which he enthused over in a letter to me.» ALEXANDROS PAPAGOS: The Daily Express of London has published an article by Mr Sefton Delmer, who writes among other things: «(…) The Americans are looking forward to one and only one answer to the problem in Greece. And that answer is one man. The same man who saved Greece when the Italians invaded in 1940 and again when the outlaws appeared to be winning in 1947 and 1948. That man is (Field Marshal Alexandros) Papagos (…).» EXILES: It has been announced that 76 women are being held in Trikkeri (in the prefecture of Magnesia), and 1,319 men on the island of Aghios Efstratios. FOOD MARKET: There were shortages of basic foodstuffs, particularly fresh fish, in the Athens, Piraeus and suburban food markets this week. GREECE-TURKEY I: Istanbul – A delegation from the labor union of northern Greece, who recently visited Turkey, laid a wreath at the Turkish Republic’s heroes’ monument in Taksim Square.