September 13, 1952

RISK OF ANOTHER WAR: London, 13 – During the course of a reception he gave at his estate in honor of the commander of the US Sixth Fleet, Admiral Cassidy, Yugoslav leader Field Marshal Tito said the fleet’s visit to his country’s territorial waters was «one more indication of the friendly sentiments held by the government and people of the United States for Yugoslavia.» He said that the current situation was complicated and sinister. «We are being dogged by the threat of another war,» said the field marshal. DEFENSE OF THE WEST: Washington, 12 – The US State Department announced today that the free nations should give preference to the defense of Europe rather than Asia, since the loss of the former would give Russia a military capability that was «unprecedented in history.» Also, the State Department said it does not consider that the West should depend solely on its air force and navy in order to contain a Russian military invasion of Europe. Europe must be kept free, and not be freed after occupation by the Soviet Union. Therefore there should be sufficiently large land armies (…). The Russian army is estimated to comprise over 4 million men and many more trained reservists. About 100 divisions are deployed along Europe’s borders out of a total of 175 front-line divisions.