Let the soccer clubs merge into city teams

I totally agree with your comments in «It’s time for Soccer Reform» (Monday, Sept. 16). Not one cent of taxpayers money should be given to clubs. Let them fold. Who cares? It’s a corrupt league with substandard facilities. Worthwhile proposals would be to have a Greek Super League. Just have one team in Athens called Athens United, one in Piraeus, one in Thessaloniki, one in Patras and all the other big provincial cities. You would not need more than 14 teams. For example, an Athens United soccer club with a new stadium with a capacity of 40,000 would have every Athenian behind the team. Major sponsorship would get on board as well as prepaid members. Imagine an Athens versus Thessaloniki derby – a bit like Barcelona versus Madrid. Or imagine Patras playing Piraeus where everyone from that part of Greece would be 100 percent behind their team. If it can work in Valencia, Zaragoza and Seville, why can’t it work in Greece? We choose not to make it work. I mean, let’s be honest. Is Panionios, Aris, or Iraklis ever going to win a Greek Championship? Stick to your guns, the Greek League needs to start again. George Salamouras, Melbourne. Editor replies: Very interesting, if we were talking about a country where people were not already so devoted to their historical teams. Many would probably rather die than change their team, no matter how minor it may be today.

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