October 1, 1952

TRAGIC MISTAKE: London, 29 – According to telegrams from Seoul, as a result of a tragic mistake made by US airplanes when they were sent to support Greek troops engaged in taking a hill known as «Big Nori,» Greek troops not only sustained losses, the extent of which has not yet been announced, but were forced to abandon the hill on which they had carried out fierce battles (with the Chinese). «The Chinese communists paid a high price for their attacks against the Greek troops. On the slope of the hill, down which the Imjin River flows, were the bodies of 45 Chinese soldiers. Another 135 men were lying there injured,» said an announcement from the Eighth Army. However, during a subsequent attack by the Chinese, Allied aircraft appeared on the horizon above the field of battle. Some of their bombs fell by mistake between the lines of the Greeks who were fighting to defend the heights. Bombarded both by Allied aircraft and by the enemy, the Greek soldiers were forced to withdraw (…). The US has not concealed its deep sorrow over the incident. DEATH OF SKIPIS: The Athens Academy has received a telegram announcing the death of the Greek academic and poet Sotiris Skipis in Rognac, Provence, France. KIDNAPPING: Trikala, 27 – A 25-year-old woman identified as L.M. yesterday afternoon abducted a young man identified as E.D., aged 20, with the help of her mother.