October 4, 1952

MAJORITY SYSTEM: Yesterday Parliament approved the draft law «for abolishing the election of parliamentary deputies by the proportional system (…) and restoring the majority system.» IN RESERVE: An afternoon newspaper carried a report that by order of the military headquarters in Korea, the Greek brigade moved last Tuesday from the front line to the rearguard in order to remain in reserve for a period to be determined by the United Nations command. T. PAPACONSTANTINOU: The new book by journalist Theofylaktos Papaconstantinou, titled «Anatomy of a Revolution,» continues to be in great demand at the bookstores. This is the best theoretical and historical analysis of the power of Communism, particularly in Greece, and reaches the conclusion that a vigilant and merciless defensive onslaught should be waged against the unrelenting Communist conspiracy. MEAT DISTRIBUTION: One hundred tons of frozen meat has been made available to be sold today at the prices determined. EXPROPRIATIONS: The agriculture minister has signed 10 decisions expropriating an equal number of farms in Kilkis, measuring a total 5,532 hectares. The minister also made 500 million drachmas available to compensate landless farmers from property abandoned in the border areas of the country and 400 million drachmas for Greek refugees from northern Epirus.