October 5, 1952

PAPAGOS WANTS ELECTIONS NOW: The leader of the Greek Rally party Mr Alexandros Papagos has made the following statements on the occasion of the new electoral law: «(…) On the domestic front, conditions are maturing slowly but surely for the reorganization of the Communist mechanism, intensive espionage activity and simultaneously the dissolution of the security forces. At the same time, the economy is deteriorating, the farmers are facing unprecedented difficulties and are at risk of going hungry, therefore they have been led into activity that gives rise to concern. The productive classes in general are having a very difficult time. Unemployment is rising but attempts are being made to deal with it by the use of police action. Generally, there is pressure to increase wages before the winter. There is a risk of unprecedented poverty and, as a result, the risk of support for elements bent on revolt. As if that were not enough, there has been outright anti-American propaganda of late that is against those without whose help the nation’s great sacrifices would have been in vain. (…) This situation cannot continue. (…) Elections should be held by a truly unimpeachable caretaker government. TOFALOS: After 42 years’ absence from home, in America, Canada and Europe, the former Olympic champion Dimitris Tofalos is returning to Greece to settle in his birthplace of Patras. Tofalos won the weightlifting championship in the mid-Olympic Games in Athens in 1906.