October 9, 1952

ZACHARIADIS: London, 8 – According to reports from Moscow (…) among the 120 representatives from 44 countries (at the 19th session of the Soviet Communist Party) are (…) Nikos Zachariadis and Vassilis Bartzotas of the Communist Party of Greece. AMERICAN AID: Paris, 8 – The plenary session of the financial committee of the European Economic Cooperation Organization (Ed. note: the Marshall Plan) today focused on the Greek economic program. A large American delegation attended the session. They asked that the greatest percentage of investment be assigned to agricultural production. (…) Our delegation emphasized the magnitude of Greece’s economic problem, given that the country used the greatest percentage of the aid available in dealing with the communist threat from abroad. Now that it is in a position to devote the rest of the aid to its economic reconstruction, it is being faced with an Atlantic policy which sets as a priority the effort to increase expenditures by carrying out a rearmaments program for the Western alliance. The Greek economy, however, is unable to meet the demands of spending more money on arms if it does not receive economic aid. SUNDAY SCHOOLS: At the end of the school year, the «Life» brotherhood was operating 325 Sunday schools in Athens attended by 30,253 pupils. In all of Greece and Cyprus, there were 1,705 of these Life schools with 136,753 pupils registered.