October 10, 1952

DISSOLUTION OF PARLIAMENT: Prime Minister Nikolaos Plastiras is due at the palace at 11 o’clock this morning to submit the order for dissolution of Parliament and the proclamation of new elections to the king for signature. He will submit the resignation of his government at the same time and is due to address the Greek people this evening, providing an account of the government’s work. A caretaker government under Supreme Court justice Dimitrios Kiousopoulos will be sworn in in the afternoon. (…) November 16 is believed to be the date for the new elections. DIMITRIS GALANIS: (From the «Notes of an Athenian») Celebrated artist Dimitris Galanis, who remains a Greek full of enthusiasm and faith, and, at the same time, is a glory of France – a member of the French Academy, has been back in Athens for two days now. He came (…) to deliver the portrait of Professor Soteriades, which he painted to order by Thessaloniki University, and to watch the printing of the two new stamps which he designed (…). In the opinion of the most authoritative art critics, Galanis is the greatest engraver of our times. NIKOS GOUNARIS: Singer Nikos Gounaris has returned from the United States after a triumphant tour. He has donated $3,500 to the Queen’s Fund for the poor.