October 12, 1952

CARETAKER GOVERNMENT: The caretaker government under Supreme Court justice Dimitrios Kiousopoulos was sworn in before King Pavlos at 10.30 a.m. yesterday by His Beatitude, the Archbishop of Athens, Spyridon. The new Cabinet is as follows: D. Kiousopoulos – Prime Minister and Interior Minister; M. Stassinopoulos – Minister to the Prime Minister and temporarily of Transport; X. Zolotas – Economic Coordination and temporarily of Agriculture; I. Pitsikas – National Defense; P. Dragoumis – Foreign Affairs; T. Mertikopoulos – Finance; G. Maridakis – Justice; C. Frangistas – Education and Religious Affairs; G. Koronaios – Public Works; M. Pesmazoglou – Social Welfare; D. Tsafos – Merchant Marine; I. Paraskevopoulos – Trade and Industry and temporarily of Labor; S. Stergiopoulos – General Governor of Northern Greece; D. Galanis – Deputy Minister of Trade. BAIRAKTARIS: (From «An Athenian’s Notes») The late Bairaktaris, an Athens police chief more than 50 years ago, has gone down in history as the man who tamed the posturing toughs of his times by forcing them to wear their jackets properly. They would only wear one half of the jacket, leaving one sleeve hanging loose. With a pair of shears, Bairaktaris would slice off any dangling sleeves. Were he alive today to witness the ladies with their cardigans draped over their shoulders, he would have a field day.