October 15, 1952

ELECTION CAMPAIGN: On Sunday (October 12) Prime Minister D. Kiousopoulos visited (the leader of the Greek Rally party Field Marshal Papagos and (the leader of the EPEK party) Nikolaos Plastiras to discuss guarantees to ensure that the current election campaign can be carried out in the best possible way. COSTAS MANIADAKIS: Asked to comment on a report that he is to stand for election with the EPEK ticket with People’s Party leader Constantine Tsaldaris, Costas Maniadakis made the following statement: «(…) In Greece, anything can happen other than myself becoming a Leftist or a fellow-traveler or in any way contribute to the formation in Greece of a popular front, so beloved by the Kremlin. I belong completely to the Right, whether or not I run for office.» GREECE-BULGARIA: According to a telegram from the chief of the gendarmerie in Thrace to the Interior Ministry, a Bulgarian patrol attacked a mixed contingent of gendarmes and national security guards (TEA) as they were moving toward Therma, Xanthi on the Bulgarian border Sunday morning. The Greek contingent returned fire, forcing the Bulgarians to flee. LAMBETI-PAPPAS-HORN: The recent premiere at the Cybele Theater of Terence Rattigan’s «Deep Blue Sea» was a major triumph for the Lambeti-Pappas-Horn company.