October 16, 1952

PROHIBITIONS: Police headquarters has ordered that because elections have been called, it is forbidden to hold any outdoor public gatherings, such as demonstrations or parades on foot or in vehicles. This order is valid as of today and will remain in force until the new Parliament convenes. People are only allowed to gather indoors and after informing the nearest police station in writing at least two days beforehand. These gatherings are to be attended only by as many people as the police see fit to approve. PRESS: The caretaker prime minister, Mr Dimitris Kiousopoulos, is to raise with the Cabinet a request from the United Democratic Left (EDA) to publish a daily newspaper within the framework of its election campaign. MOUNT ATHOS: Paris, 15 – The Tanjug news agency has reported that the Yugoslav Foreign Ministry has written to the Greek Embassy in Belgrade asking the Greek government to allow Serbian monks to live at a monastery on Mt Athos, invoking a treaty of March 31, 1941 in which the Serbian patriarch was authorized to send 100 monks to the Mt Athos monastery within a period of five years. DISTRIBUTION OF BEANS: An order has been given for 100 drams (320 grams) of beans to be distributed at 1,200 drachmas per person. In the provinces where there is a shortage of pulses, 200 drams of beans and lentils will be distributed per person.