. ..On September 11, the world changed radically as traditional lines of division collapsed. New alliances are now being built. Russia is cooperating with the USA; Eastern European states are – and those which are not strongly desire to become – NATO members…; China has consented to American initiatives. Even countries like Sudan have provided intelligence support. And all countries are trying to maximize any advantage. Moscow secured US understanding over Chechnya… Pakistan ensured the removal of economic sanctions imposed after its nuclear tests while it is trying to increase its leverage vis-a-vis India, its traditional enemy. Sudan aspires to a rapprochement with the USA. The Palestinians realized that they cannot afford to repeat their mistake during the Gulf War, when they backed Saddam Hussein, and are hoping that US President George W. Bush will recognize an independent Palestinian state. Turkey asked for support in its struggle with the PKK, the cessation of Western pressure over the Cyprus issue and human rights, and financial aid for its ailing economy… People should not forget their past. They should learn from it but also move forward with their eyes fixed on the future. We, however, continue to see conspirators everywhere. We have to put an end to our obsession with US and CIA intrigues and conspiracy theories. With this incident of the terrorist assault, we have to decide and demonstrate whether we are with the West or not. Greece is one of the most reliable members of the Western camp and hence is capable of persuading the Islamic world that the target of this sustained campaign is terrorism rather than the Muslim population – and this is because no Islamic country would suspect our country of using pretexts to promote Western geopolitical objectives.

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