October 19, 1952

ATTEMPT AT APOSTASY: We have received information to the effect that 23 former ministers, general directors and former deputies of the Liberal party have signed a proclamation of adherence to (Field Marshal Papagos’s) Greek Rally party. They are Emmanouil Tsouderos, Petros Levantis, H. Psarros, Georgios Exintaris, Stamatis Mercouris, Mikes Mavrokordatos, T. Kizanis, A. Papathanasis, Gerasimos Lychnos, G. Tziridis, Emmanouil Marinakis, Ioannis Melas, K. Yiavasoglou, K. Mouratidis, D. Ioannou, K. Adamopoulos, C. Solomonidis, K. Daniilidis, L. Kosmidis, A. Theodoridis, S. Vasileiadis, N. Constantopoulos and S. Prokos. The proclamation consists of six typewritten pages, mentioning that the signatories are in no way violating their political beliefs. They claim that the Greek Rally party is a purely democratic political organization and guaranteed a stable government, something which the centrist parties had not managed to do. KING AND QUEEN: London, 18 – According to a telegram from Switzerland, King Pavlos of the Hellenes is expected to arrive there within the next few days to meet his wife, Queen Frederika. The Greek royal couple will visit the two young princesses (Sofia and Irene) who are at school near Lake Constance. The school is headed by one of Queen Frederika’s sisters.