Disgust over election fever

As a resident of 20 years in the Lindeon community I wish to express my disgust over the recent elections for the local councils. Never in my life have I seen such viasmos or fascism within the local community, to the extent that during my attempt to vote (which as far as I am concerned is a private and personal power) I was pressured and threatened to pass my vote the way the local mayor wished. While trying to place my vote I witnessed other locals being pressurised to vote the way the present council wishes. Is it legal to allow other parties behind the tent during a voting decision? Is it legal to be first given only the paper for the presiding party and after inquiry to be given the opposition paper but no lefko or blank ballot? Is it legal for the residing employees to ignore the fact that a glendi for the resident party is taking place outside the voting station, mayors’ pictures adorn the voting station premises or that the residing party is allowed to verbally abuse voters? I was under the impression that Greece was a democratic country. Forget the fact that although resident for almost 20 years I still have no ID card. I love this country, I have three children of Greek nationality and personality; show me I have not wasted the past 17 years teaching them Greek democracy and philosophy. UNA KARELLAS, Lindos. Editor replies: Have you reported your charges to the authorities? They should be examined.