Double standards I

With regards to the story «Pre-poll polarization» (October 9), I find Simitis’s accusations laughable. It is amazing, though, that it’s OK for PASOK to align themselves with the Far Left, like they did in the ’80s, but conservative parties can’t align themselves with the Far Right, etc. I know, I know the military dictatorship between 1967-1974. Let’s talk about what the Far Left did to Greece: started a civil war after WWII, killed thousands of Greeks, destroyed villages in Epirus, abducted thousands of other Greeks and took them behind the Iron Curtain. Greece lost the chance to obtain Northern Epirus after World War II because of the Communists. So I think Simitis, PASOK, and the media should rethink their double standards. TASSOS ANASTASIOU, Boston. Editor replies: Would two wrongs, in this case, make an Extreme Right?