October 20-21, 1952

APOGEVMATINI: The Apogevmatini newspaper, which will soon make its mark among the other Athenian dailies and become known for giving the latest news and unbiased commentary, is to go into circulation on October 20. MAU-MAU TERRORISTS: London – According to reports from Johannesburg in the Union of South Africa, criminal acts by the Mau-Mau terrorist group in the province of Kenya are likely to have unpleasant consequences for other countries on the African continent. (…) The Mau-Mau group’s power arises from the terrible oaths that the organization forces its members to make, accompanied by magic rites, satanic appeals to spirits and other strange rituals, which make the members blindly obey the orders of their superiors in the belief that the slightest act of insubordination will be punished by instant death. FOOD MARKET: Food markets in Athens, Piraeus and the suburbs were supplied with considerable quantities of basic foodstuffs over the past week. There was no shortage of good quality meat – all of it domestically produced – nor of excellent fresh fish and poultry. However, the better quality fish and meat were to be found in the markets of Kifissia, Amarousion, Halandri, Erythraia and Psychico, where they were sold at higher prices.