October 24, 1952

PAPAGOS, PLASTIRAS, WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE?: Yesterday afternoon the radio station Free Greece broadcast an article by (General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece) Nikos Zachariadis titled «For a Patriotic, Democratic Gathering.» (…) «Today, supporters of Plastiras are struggling to prove that Plastiras is a lesser evil than Papagos. But there is no fundamental difference between the two parties, as both are subjugated to the Americans. (…) Plastiras, however, is more dangerous than Papagos because his lies have deceived a sector of the people and dissolved the unity being worked for by all the country’s democratic forces. Our objection to Plastiras is not personal, but a clash of principles, since his policies only harm the people and the country,» Zachariadis wrote. POT AND KETTLE: New York, 24 – Delegates at the United Nations assembly yesterday had the opportunity to enjoy a Greek-Soviet sparring match which was easily won by the Greek delegate. (…) The Voice of America correspondent reported: «At the UN, the notorious (delegate for the Soviet Union Mr Andrej) Vyshinsky, speaking in his customary rude manner, called the Greek delegate ‘servile.’ Mr Kyrou replied immediately: ‘It is very strange, in the midst of so much dignity, that only Mr Vyshinski speaks of «servility.» And if I am not mistaken, this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.’»