October 25, 1952

GEORGIOS SIMITIS: At their last meeting, the association of professors at the School of Economic and Commercial Sciences decided by a vote of 7 to 5 that Mr Georgios Simitis, restored by royal decree to the post of professor of commercial law, should not teach or examine students because of his activities for the National Liberation Front (EAM) both before joining the faculty and during his tenure. Recourse has been taken to the Council of State over the professor’s reinstatement, which was enacted by the (outgoing) Venizelos-Plastiras government by means of a royal decree and without the obligatory prior investigation into his activities by a special committee. NIKOLAOS LOUVARIS: For the academic year 1952-1953, Mr Nikolaos Louvaris has been elected dean of the Faculty of Theology (Ed. note: An excellent minister who served during the occupation), I. Gafos as dean of the Law School, Mr G. Zoras as dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, Mr G. Karayiannopoulos of the Medical School, and C. Papaioannou of the School of Mathematics and Physics. MASKED BALL: The Opera House begins performances of Verdi’s «Un Ballo in Masquera,» directed by Mr Takis Mouzenidis. IDEOLOGICAL STRUGGLE: Tomorrow at 11 a.m. at the Kyveli Theater, the former headmaster Mr C. Livathinopoulos is to speak on: «Communism as an Extremely Materialistic and Tyrannical System: The Methods Available to Free Nations to Wipe Out This Cancer.» Entrance is free.