October 29, 1952

APOSTASY I: A joint statement by Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos and Giorgos Papandreou has been submitted to the Supreme Court prosecutor’s office to the effect that the Greek Rally party and the Democratic Socialist party want to forge an alliance in the electoral region of Patras, under the name of the Greek Rally party and using a photograph of Papagos as their emblem. This arrangement only stands for Patras. APOSTASY II: Corinth, 25 – It has been announced that following an agreement between Constantinos Tsaldaris (Ed. note: The leader of the People’s Party, whose founder Dimitris Gounaris was executed in 1922 by the subsequent leader of the EPEK party, Nikolaos Plastiras) and Constantinos Rendis, the Corinth alliance will be made up of the People’s Party with the laurel as its emblem, while the EPEK party and the Liberals will ally themselves with the People’s Party locally. The People’s-EPEK-Liberals alliance in Corinth has been set up by Messrs Tsaldaris, Rendis and Christopoulos. MEAT FOR THE PEOPLE: Tomorrow. Monday, October 27, the sale of meat will be permitted because of the national holiday which falls on Tuesday. IDEOLOGICAL STRUGGLE: Former high school headmaster C. Livathinopoulos is to give a lecture tomorrow morning on «Communism as an extremely materialistic and tyrannical system.»