Chinese community charity bazaar

The Chinese business community in Greece has organized a special event to express its solidarity with Greek society. All the proceeds from a bazaar at the Chinese Embassy will be donated to the SOS Eliza Home for the therapy and rehabilitation of abused and neglected children in Athens.

“The Chinese community feels the pain the Greek people are sustaining and wish to do something to show that they are not alone in this difficult time,» said Ambassadress Yang Guohua.

Visitors to the event, which will be held on Sunday, December 11, from noon to 8 p.m., will enjoy free performances of folk music and dancing, martial arts, and Chinese calligraphy brush writing. Children can watch Chinese cartoons and learn the art of origami paper folding, while Chinese delicacies and a variety of authentic special products will be available for those looking for Christmas gifts for friends and family. These include silk, tea, toys, handicrafts, Christmas ornaments, lucky knots, women’s accessories and books on learning Mandarin, as well as culture and travel.

The event is the initiative of nine Chinese community organizations and supported by Chinese companies based in Athens and Thessaloniki, who want to express their gratitude for Greece?s support to their businesses and the help their fellow citizens received when evacuating from Libya via Crete earlier this year.

Mari Kyriakou, host of a popular TV program, and Flora Potamianou, the wife of the president of the Greece-China Association, among others, assisted Ambassadress Yang Guohua in putting together the charity event.

The organizers are the Association of Overseas Chinese from Fujian in Greece, Association of Overseas Chinese Women in Greece???Friendship Association of Overseas Chinese in Greece???Association of Overseas Chinese Tourism in Greece???General Association of Overseas Chinese in Greece???General Chamber of Commerce of Overseas Chinese in Greece, Association of Overseas Chinese from Qingtian in Greece, Thessaloniki Overseas Chinese Friendship Association and the Greek Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China. The event is sponsored by the Women?s Club of the Chinese Embassy in Greece.