Democrats Abroad Greece holding meeting

All American Democrats are invited to attend the annual general meeting of Democrats Abroad Greece, on Wednesday, April 18, at 7 p.m. at the Athens Centre in Mets (Archimidous 48 at Domboli), followed by an optional dinner at the family taverna Vyrini (20 euros includes a small donation to support voter outreach efforts).

First item on the agenda is to look for a replacement for one of the two at-large members of the executive committee, Harolynne Bobis from Amaliada, following her resignation last week.

Any member of Democrats Abroad Greece with time and energy to spare for one evening meeting a month is encouraged to submit his or her name as a candidate, to the chair of the election committee, Nicholas Pisaris, at [email protected]

Another key agenda item is the Democrats Abroad Global Primary. The plan is to hold this Sunday, May 6, in downtown Athens.

A third item is an American community July 4 event. Democrats Abroad Greece has been talking to the embassy and to Republicans Abroad and other American organizations about a joint festivity this year.

For information contact DAGR Secretary Brady Kiesling, 6946578290.