British Ambassador urges agreement, says no reports of services disruptions for tourists


British Ambassador to Greece John Kittmer on Tuesday urged the Greek government and Greece's creditors to reach an agreement that would defuse the crisis. In a statement released on Tuesday, the British Ambassador noted that careful planning on behalf of the embassy over the last few months would allow British holidaymakers to complete their holidays with "peace of mind." He also noted that no disruptions to services on the Greek islands had been reported by tour operators so far. 

Here is the full statement:

“The Greek people expressed a decisive view in Sunday’s referendum at a critical moment in the economic crisis.  Greece is a proud nation, an ally for nearly 200 years of shared history, and we respect the decision of its people.

“But there is considerable uncertainty about what happens next. We are urging all sides to have a final go at trying to reach an agreement that defuses the crisis.

“My teams in Athens and on Rhodes, Corfu, Crete and Zakynthos are here to support British nationals who find themselves in need. As we enter peak holiday season we have strengthened our consular offices.

“From over 30 years of travelling and now living in Greece, I know that Greece is a hospitable country, and that Greeks will do all they can in exceptional times to make tourists welcome.  There are no reports from tour operators to suggest that there are disruptions to services on the islands.  My Embassy has been planning carefully, so that British holiday makers arrive well prepared and can complete their holidays with peace of mind.”