Eco group launches app to curb use of bottled water


Environmental protection group Mesogeios SOS (MedSOS) has launched a smartphone and tablet application that helps visitors and residents in Greece locate the nearest tap of drinkable water where they can refill their bottles.

The application, which hopes to help reduce reliance on water in plastic bottles and the huge amount of resulting plastic waste, is called “Return to Tap” (Epistrofi stin Vrysi) and is available at the Google Play Store for Android and at App Store of iOS.

MedSOS began the initiative in 2014, signing a memorandum of cooperation with the Athens municipal authority, which this year set up three public drinking fountains, at Syntagma and Asomaton squares and at the entrance to the Kerameikos metro station. In 2017, its expanded in cooperation to include the Athens and Thessaloniki water companies, among others.

Official data show that Greece consumes over half a million tons of plastic waste per year.