Stoiximan’s new initiative on Brain Gain

Stoiximan’s new initiative on Brain Gain

You are educated, you have all the right capabilities, you are driven and hold a clear vision of a great career future. You tried to find a job in Greece, but it is hard to find a business opportunity that fits your aspirations and challenges you professionally.

So, you eventually decided to take the big step and try to seek for career opportunities elsewhere.

You are not the only one, rather than one out of the 180,000 individuals who leave the country every year, in order to build on and evolve their professional career abroad, that’s around 10 percent of the country’s university-level educated individuals.

In other words, you are yet another one of these numerous “brain drain” cases, one of the most brooding and threatening consequences of the last decade’s economic crisis, that constantly weakens Greece by depleting the country of its most valuable human resources.

Now, let’s get back to this hypothetical story: the job is good, but you miss your family and friends. You miss the Greek sun, sometimes you even catch yourself reminiscing the traffic around Syntagma square.

Well, it’s time for you to cheerup, as we have some good news for you! You can keep doing what you love, back at home.

Based on this vision, Stoiximan designed the «Try this at Home», an initiative that Stoiximan has every good reason to support, as the leading GameTech company in Greece and one of the fastest growing companies in Europe.

With more than 600 employees at an average age of 32, Stoiximan offers an attractive and mostly beneficial package to those who decide to return to Greece and join the Stoiximan team.

More specifically, this repatriation package includes: 3 extra salaries, 2,000 euros for relocation expenses, a mobile phone contract for the first three months, and a personal “relocation buddy”, someone who will be next to those who take the “return home” road and will guide them through procedures relating to public services, bank accounts, housing and other basic needs that occur during the transitional period.

So why would anyone think of doing this?

Because Stoiximan is an organization that demonstrates a competitive dynamic across its operations in 6 markets/countries: Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Austria, Romania, Portugal, with a leading position in most of them.

Because investing in cutting-edge technologies and applying innovative practices at all levels, from coding ​​to working methods are two of Stoiximan’s development strategy main pillars.

Because Stoiximan has a tech team that consists of more than 200 individuals and offers quality jobs in a friendly working environment, an open-door policy and many benefits.

Because there is a series of events and contests with prizes that aim to encourage and potentiate strong and healthy team member connections, through activities such as skydiving and trips around Greece or abroad.

In other words, the reason you should consider this opportunity, is because Stoiximan has successfully established itself in position to reverse brain drain.

It is no coincidence that already 20 professionals have decided to return and to continue their career at Stoiximan. Doing the same thing, but back home this time.

Why does Stoiximan do that?

Because for Stoiximan, success starts from its people. Those who have worked hard and have successfully set the bar really high. Those who have created all the right conditions for a greater future that is characterized by value through business maturity and growth.

Because knowing that a successful business model is strongly defined by the team members “inside” and “outside” the doors, Stoiximan operates responsibly across all areas, from practices and policies for responsible gaming, to constant support to the society, focusing on sports throughout its range, from the most popular to lesser-known sports and from clubs and teams to individual athletes who make a difference.

Because Stoiximan strongly believes that the sustainability of an enterprise is directly linked to the society in which it operates, and has developed its own positive social footprint by implementing the Corporate Social Responsibility Program "Young Heroes" since 2017.

Up to now, the "Young Heroes" CSR program has offered educational and life experiences to more than 20,000 students.

Because Stoiximan has grown enough to be able to bring back some of those who left. Because Brain Gain is Stoiximan’s biggest bet.

For more information about the program and available positions please visit

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