US Embassy flag to half-staff in honor of Capitol Police officers


The US Embassy in Athens lowered its flag to half-staff on Monday to honor US Capitol Police officers Brian Sicknick and Howard Liebengood, who were both on duty when a mob of Trump’s supporters stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday.

“We lower our flag to honor Capitol Police Officers Brian Sicknick & Howard Liebengood. Their lives and service will long be remembered – and their sacrifice reinforces our resolve to repair last week’s assault on America’s democracy,” the embassy said in a tweet.

“We mourn with their families and thank the many Greeks who have offered their condolences and shared their confidence that the institutions of American democracy and justice will prevail as they have done before,” it added.

Capitol Police said on Thursday that Sicknick had died “due to injuries sustained while on-duty.”

Liebengood died on Saturday while off duty, the Capitol Police said Sunday, without stating the cause of his death.