Diaspora fellowship program funded by SNF aims to forge collaborations, stop brain drain

Diaspora fellowship program funded by SNF aims to forge collaborations, stop brain drain

The Museology-Cultural Management Master’s program of the School of Architecture at Thessaloniki’s Aristotle University has been selected to host two Greek diaspora scholars from the United States to work on a collaborative project for the creation of archival resources, research material and identification of exhibits for a future research center and museum on the Greek diaspora and immigration in Greece.

The project, which focuses on flows of people into and out of Greece through history, is headed by Matoula Scaltsa, director of the Master’s Program, and George Kalogeras, president of Multiethnic Studies for Europe and the Americas and editor of the Gramma Journal, together with Professor George Anagnostou and Associate Professor Nikos Poulopoulos, fellows from Ohio State University and Missouri University, respectively.

Aristotle University is one of 12 Greek universities selected by The Greek Diaspora Fellowship Program to host 21 Greek- and Cypriot-born scholars for collaborative projects that meet specific needs at their institutions and in their communities. The scholars, hailing from a cross-section of 16 prominent American and Canadian universities, will travel to Greece to conduct academic projects with their peers at Greek universities.

The Greek Diaspora Fellowship Program is designed to help stop Greece’s brain drain and develop long-term, mutually beneficial collaborations between universities in Greece and the US and Canada. It is managed by the Institute of International Education in collaboration with the Fulbright Foundation in Greece, and funded by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

Over a period of two years, the program will award fellowships to 40 US and Canadian based academics.

“The Stavros Niarchos Foundation is thrilled both with the appeal and interest the program has generated among academics of the diaspora, as well as the wide-ranging expertise of the first round of fellows,” said Stelios Vasilakis, director of Programs and Strategic Initiatives at SNF.