Oxi Day philotimo video inspires Harvard Business Review article

Oxi Day philotimo video inspires Harvard Business Review article

Successful companies live up to Greek concept of “philotimo,” according to a recently published article in the Harvard Business Review.

The article's author credited the Washington Oxi Day Foundation’s “philotimo” video for its inspiration.

The article “Successful Companies Live Up To This Ancient Greek Ideal” authored by Gabriel Karageorgiou and Dominic Selwood was published in The Harvard Business Review on November 2, 2020.

“Corporate responsibility may be trendy, but ESG metrics are merely the observable result of a more fundamental set of values: a notion we call corporate philotimy. A universal, transcendent good, an internal ethical compass of fairness, compassion, and justic,” Selwood and Karageorgiou, who is a Partner at Arabesque Asset Management Ltd. in London, wrote in the article.

Karageorgiou, in a note to Oxi Day Foundation President and Executive Director, Andy and Mike Manatos, respectively, said that she had watched the video the foundation produced entitled “The Greek Secret.”

“I was inspired and felt extremely proud of my Greek origins. Since I have started my professional career I had always been advocating to my colleagues that we should be seeking to hire people with philotimo, and we as a business should be acting with a sense of corporate philotimy,” she added.