Asteras Tripolis facing bribery charges

Soccer prosecutor Andreas Fakos has filed charges against Super League struggler Asteras Tripolis for bribing Olympiakos Volou last season, which is likely to bring about the relegation of the Peloponnesian club.

A Thessaloniki radio station revealed on September 29 that Fakos is accusing Asteras president Giorgos Borovilos of giving the then Olympiakos Volou owner Achilleas Beos 500,000 euros before the two teams met at Tripoli in March 2011, a game that Asteras won 2-1.

According to municipal radio station FM 100, the prosecutor is alleging that the two men agreed on a cash transaction before the game so that Asteras would improve its position in the Super League table last season and avoid relegation.

Beos allegedly accepted the money, «with Olympiakos Volou players being instructed by Achilleas Beos to underperform in that particular game,» according to the prosecutor.

The case is to be heard on September 30 by the Super League’s Disciplinary Committee.

Asteras Tripolis will be automatically relegated if found guilty, while Olympiakos Volou has already been sent to the fourth division for its involvement in other match-fixing cases.