Asteras Tripolis is relegated to the Football League

The Disciplinary Committee of the Super League decided on September 30 to send Asteras Tripolis to the second division as it found the Peloponnesian club guilty of bribery.

The Committee accepted the proposal of prosecutor Andreas Fakos who had suggested that Asteras gave 500,000 euros to Olympiakos Volou in March in order for the Tripoli side to win their Super League encounter. Asteras won 2-1.

The verdict, which Asteras can and will likely appeal, provides for the relegation of the club to the second division and a three-year ban for club president Giorgos Borovilos.

As a result Asteras Tripolis will finish the championship as 16th, and it is likely that the teams that obtained points in their games with the club will be allowed to keep them.

Four rounds of games after the start of the Super League, the decision is leaving the championship with just 13 teams, as relegated Olympiakos Volou and Kavala are yet to be replaced.

The Committee also acquitted PAS Yiannina and OFI on Friday.