Machlas gets tackled for foul driving

Seville (AFP) – Greece and FC Seville forward Nikos Machlas had the southern Spanish city’s traffic police in a spin yesterday before finally being arrested. According to a police statement, Machlas, on loan to the Spanish first division side from Ajax, refused to stop for police who tried to stop him as he drove the wrong way on a one-way road in order to avoid traffic. He was finally stopped when another police car blocked him, but the 30-year-old player then made matters worse by refusing to get out of his car and then refusing to produce identification. According to police, Machlas «insulted and assaulted the officers who tried to arrest him.» Machlas is currently being held by the authorities and representatives from the club have visited the police station. The Greek player was loaned to Seville for 1.8 million euros last June, with an option to buy.