Ex-FIFA security chief claims Greece vs Nigeria World Cup match probed

The former head of security at the world soccer federation, FIFA, has revealed that Greece?s game against Nigeria at the 2010 World Cup is under investigation for possible corruption.

Australian Chris Eaton told UK?s Channel 4 that the body is examining the match, which Greece won 2-1 for its first ever World Cup win, in connection to allegations of spot-fixing.

Eaton said that suspicions were raised after the match that Nigerian player Sani Kaita earned himself a red card in the 33rd minute of the match due to an alleged arrangement with a fixer who bet on the incident.

?It?s certainly an interesting circumstance and we know a lot about it,? said Eaton. «It’s a manifestation of, potentially anyway, a manifestation of an attempt at a fraud that is, is unique…and perhaps to be replicated in the future, so we have to be cautious about it.”

Keita?s agent denied to comment and FIFA denied it was investigating any incidents at the 2010 World Cup, Channel 4 said.

Eaton said that gangs fixing the result of a high-profile international and you can expect a profit of around $100m.